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Alterations Pricing

Look Your Best

It’s not how much you spend on your clothes, its’ how good they look on you and how well they fit you. I have extensive experience in fitting clothes to all sizes and shapes! Whether you need a career blazer tailored to fit, or a skirt that needs hemming, see me for quality alterations.

Pants Alterations
  • Hem pant legs: $7
  • Euro hem jeans: $9
  • Hem pants with cuff: $9
  • Hem pant legs with slits: $9
  • Hem lined pants: $12
  • Take in or let out waistband: $8
Skirts and Dresses
  • Handkerchief hem: $15
  • Blind hem: $15
  • Skirt with lining blind hem: $20
  • Full skirt hem: $18 and up
  • Take up at shoulder with sleeves: $25
  • Alter shoulders on sleeveless: $15
Business Wear
  • Jacket tapering: $20
  • Lined jacket sleeves: $15
  • Lined jacket with plackets and buttons: $20
  • Re-line coat: $50
  • Re-line pockets: $10 per pocket
High School Letterman's Jacket
  • Large school letters: $10 per letter
Zipper Replacements
  • Children’s coats (ages 1-6): $15
  • Youth coats: $20
  • Adult coats: $25
  • Leather garments (small): $25 and up
  • Coveralls: $20/leg, $18/front
  • Skirts or slacks: $10
  • Jeans: $10
Formal Wear and Prom Dresses
  • Unlined hem: $22
  • Lined hem: $30 and up
  • Each additional layer hemmed: $10
  • Shorten straps: $15
  • Bodice alterations: $20/hour or custom quote

Repair Work

If you have any item that requires sewing, from garments and hunting gear to fine draperies or larger items, please give me a call at 218-935-2299.

Tina does amazing work. Over the years, I’ve brought her numerous items of clothing that needed altering and she has always exceeded my expectations. My dressy jackets usually have sleeves that are too long. She has shortened them for me, even ones that had quite a bit of detail. I was not able to tell that the item had been altered. The only difference was that the sleeve was the right length! Perfection.

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I'd love to hear about your clothing alteration needs or home decor project! Please give me a call at 218-935-2299 or send me a message, using the contact form below.

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